• Paul Polman

    Hear what five years as CEO of Unilever teaches you about insight, impact and investment in research. In FMCG, there’s no room for error.

  • Sebastian Faulks

    Storytelling has become a foundation-stone for corporate marketing – and for creating compelling research briefings. Here’s your chance to learn from a master of the art.

  • Brendan Dawes

    Our world, and our attention, is dominated by glowing slabs of glass and metal. Brendan’s Dawes vision – and his designs – reinterpret it as a distinctly human place.

  • General Sir Richard Shirreff

    We need to understand geopolitical upheaval. The ex-Deputy Supreme Allied Commander for NATO, now a campaigner against gender based violence, offers his expert view.

Shifting markets. Stuttering economies. Political upheaval. 
The world needs insight based on rigorous research.

Brendan Dawes

The artist and designer sees the world as a distinctly human place

general sir Richard Shirreff

The ex-Deputy Supreme Allied Commander for NATO

the great election debate

BritainThinks co-founder Deborah Mattinson

Sebastian Faulks

Learn about storytelling from a true master

Paul Polman

How the CEO of Unilever keeps one step ahead of consumers

sampling in the internet age

Reg Baker, Marketing Research Institute International

The client verdict

Jane Bainbridge, Impact magazine and research-live.com


Corinne Moy, Global Director of Marketing Science at GfK NOP

Lies, damned lies
and statistics

Criminal psychologist Dr David Holmes


Douglas Rivers, Professor of Political Science at Harvard University

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