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Jane Frost CBE, Chief Executive Officer, MRS

Strategy & Analysis


Keynote interview

Sir David Spiegelhalter OBE

Winton Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk in the Statistical Laboratory, University of Cambridge and Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge. Board member of the UK Statistics Authority.

Interview: Tim Phillips, author and editor

The creation and communication of statistical data has, through the Coronavirus crisis, been under great scrutiny. In an age where data is front and central in the news, what are the challenges for those who deal in the considered generation and dissemination of data? Sir David, an Impact conference favourite, offers his expert view.  

Sir David  Spiegelhalter

Sir David Spiegelhalter, Statistician and author


The Impact Magazine Debate

The long and short of it: From in-the-moment insight to long-term

Never has it been so important for organisations to have access to timely, reliable insight about their customers and consumers in general. However, there is a fine balance to be struck between gathering in-the-moment data to stay close to customers now, and understanding longer-term trends to build resilience for the future, ­as highlighted by Covid-19. How can research suppliers help organisations with this ­– what are they looking for?


Katie McQuater

Katie McQuater, Editor, Impact and Research Live


Dr Parves Khan
Dr Parves Khan, Global Research and Insight Director, Pearson
Elaine Rodrigo
Elaine Rodrigo, Chief Insights & Analytics Officer, Reckitt Benckiser
Tim Warner
Tim Warner, UK Exec Lead for Insights, Data, Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics, PepsiCo

Participants: Impact and Research Live, Pearson, Reckitt Benckiser, PepsiCo,



Stable genius: We need to stop talking about change

Why is there an obsession with ‘newness’? In this provocation, Ben Page asks how much is changing ­– and how much isn’t. It’s a wide-ranging analysis of consumers and society over the last year – and the last 20 years. Has Covid19 really changed ‘everything’?

Ben Page
Ben Page, CEO, Ipsos MORI

Participants: Ipsos MORI,



Rewriting His-Story: Do we need to invent a new language to speak to male consumers in 2021?

It has never been a stranger time to be a man. Conflicting messages abound; be a good man, be masculine, reject masculinity, redefine masculinity. For brands speak to men, it’s not just about navigating this mess, it’s about cutting through it. This debate will draw insights from some of the most taboo-breaking categories to ask: how should we really be talking to male consumers in 2021?


Hannah Marcus

Hannah Marcus, Associate Director , Discover.ai


Will de Groot
Will de Groot, Founder and Cultural Strategist, MEND
Sherrell Honoré
Sherrell Honoré, Consumer Insights Manager, Durex, RB
Abigail Mliner
Abigail Mliner, Marketing and Sales Manager, Make Love not Porn

Participants: Discover.ai, MEND, Durex, RB, Make Love not Porn,


The CMO Agenda

Tamara Rodgers, Global CMO, GSK Consumer Healthcare

Tamara Rogers

Tamara Rogers, Global CMO, GSK Consumer Healthcare


Zoe Ruffels
Zoe Ruffels, Global Vice President of Consumer and Business Insights & Analytics, GSK

Participants: GSK Consumer Healthcare, GSK ,





#doesmytitlematter? We need to talk about brands getting political

What happens when brands become political? The world has changed, and brands are expected to take a social stance – however, the pitfalls are many, and jumping onto bandwagons can do more harm than good. #doesmytitlematter will uncover a framework for brands to understand when to be political, when to steer well clear and how to drive market success though a sensitive and adaptive strategy.

Kristin Hickey
Kristin Hickey, Founder and CEO, Kubi Kalloo
Jake Finn
Jake Finn, Senior Research Executive, Kubi Kalloo

Participants: Kubi Kalloo,



A new deal for advertisers: How can brands ethically navigate a complex, divided and changing world?

It’s never been more critical, or more challenging, for brands to communicate effectively. The ethical, regulatory and creative pitfalls are legion. In this febrile environment, how is insight helping to ensure that brands cut through? How can they retain trust in a world of fake news, align themselves respectfully with activism, and operate ethically under increased scrutiny? 


Fiona Blades

Fiona Blades, Founder, MESH Experience


Jet Cooke
Jet Cooke, Head of Marketing, End Investor, Fidelity International
Mark Evans
Mark Evans, Managing Director, Marketing & Digital, Direct Line
Ana Alvarez
Ana Alvarez, Head of Customer Insight, Emerging Markets, Sanofi

Participants: MESH Experience, Fidelity International, Direct Line, Sanofi,




Keynote interview

Keir Starmer, Leader of the Labour Party

Keir Starmer
Keir Starmer, Leader of the Labour Party



Skills & Practice


Case Study

Sounds intriguing: Using insight and design thinking to uncover new content consumption behaviours around COVID-19

COVID-19 had some unexpected effects on consumer behaviour – effects that will resonate far beyond the duration of the pandemic. How did behaviours change in the digital world? How did insight and design thinking uncover new learnings for Spotify around content consumption and streaming behaviours, brought about due to the virus. We will also deliver the lessons Sparkler learnt from running a multi-market study using a community method and how it adapted processes for a global client.

Dominika Mazur
Dominika Mazur, Senior User Researcher, Growth Org, Spotify
Gemma Proctor
Gemma Proctor, Managing Consultant, Sparkler
Rose Blyth
Rose Blyth, Senior Consultant, Sparkler

Participants: Spotify, Sparkler,


Skills Zone

Breaking bad: How to create newsroom buzz that transforms data in a post-Covid world.

To make research more emotionally resonant at a time of disconnect, transformation and uncertainty, we’ve become data journalists. The 3 core storytelling principles that make news so compelling now service the needs of our clients – and our teams - more fully. We call it ‘Buzzing like a newsroom BEE’ – Bad, Entertaining, Empathetic data storytelling. Here’s how to create that virtual newsroom buzz.


Grant Feller
Grant Feller, Journalist, Business Writer, Storytelling Trainer
Leanne Tomasevic
Leanne Tomasevic, Head of Truth, Truth

Participants: Truth,


Case Study

Culture is the Heart of a Brand: Evolving the Boots brand through Cultural Analysis

The new Age of Public Consumption has made consumption publicly visible, more fraught and created a whole new range of experts and authorities on what we do with the things we buy. We explore what this means for brands and how we Boots has repositioned itself in this new world.


Gill Hayes
Gill Hayes, Global Head of Research, Walgreens Boots Alliance
Dr Nick Gadsby
Dr Nick Gadsby, Founder, The Answer Semiotics

Participants: Walgreens Boots Alliance, The Answer Semiotics,


Skills Zone

Seditious teapots, flat wives and self-loading freight: How to incubate your way to insight.

Too often those at the coalface of the research industry equate insight with staring longingly at data until magic elves sprinkle insight-dust on them. Quoting from his new book, “InCitations”, Tas will explore how genuine insight connects disparate ideas, why too much domain-specific knowledge amplifies fixation and impairs insight, why our brain needs to incubate “external serendipitous influences” and why we need more humour and impertinence


Anthony Tasgal
Anthony Tasgal, Trainer, Author, Strategist, POV Marketing and Research Consultancy

Participants: POV Marketing and Research Consultancy,


Case Study

From lightning rod to Beacon: How Colston Hall is shedding its slave trader associations

Bristol’s Colston Hall, named after slave trader Edward Colston, was for years a lightning rod for the city’s disquiet over its past. This summer, as Colston’s statue was being torn down, Colston Hall prepared to announce its new name; the culmination of three years of research to create a musical legacy of which all Bristolians can be proud.


Philippa Neal
Philippa Neal, Senior Research Executive, Morris Hargreaves McIntyre
Andy  Boreham
Andy Boreham, Head of Marketing, Bristol Beacon

Participants: Morris Hargreaves McIntyre, Bristol Beacon,


Skills Zone

Finding your remote control: How to master working from home

Working from home is not as simple as switching meetings to video calls. To deliver at our best we need to re-think more deeply about how we do things. This session will provide some simple steps you can take to do your best work, feel motivated and more in control of your remote working life.


Sinéad  Jefferies

Sinéad Jefferies, Founder, Vela

Participants: Vela,


Case Study

Getting real: Artificial intelligence in a time of crisis

Creative development was not immune from the challenges caused by the pandemic. There is more pressure in choosing which ads to invest in as budgets tightened and in launching ads that could be deemed irrelevant. How did artificial intelligence play a significant role with creative executions? And are they really cost and time effective?

Neha  Sharma
Neha Sharma, CMI Director, Global Brand Engagement, Unilever
Stephanie Kristen  Pineda
Stephanie Kristen Pineda, Global Client Lead, Product and Research Innovations,, Kantar
Reshmi  Ouseph
Reshmi Ouseph, Global D4G and Homecare Engagement Lead, Unilever Homecare

Participants: Unilever, Kantar, Unilever Homecare,




IJMR Debate

Reach for the stars: How can insight win the war for talent?

Insight is a people business. However, even though insight is increasingly at the heart of decision-making, surveys show a consistent decline in interest in research careers amongst graduates and young professionals. This session explores how the sector can stop relying on yesterday’s logics when attracting talent and the steps needed to make insight a career of choice.


Dan  Nunan

Dan Nunan, Editor IJMR, and Professor of Management, University of Portsmouth


Sara  Picazo
Sara Picazo, Head of Research, Twitter
Harry  Davies
Harry Davies, Head of Measurement and Analytics, Google

Participants: University of Portsmouth, Twitter, Google,


Case Study

Drive for progress: how to get drivers to go green and switch to electric

Discover how electric car manufacturers worked with Facebook and The Nursery in a global study to understand how consumers really feel about electric cars. Using models derived from behavioural economics and anthropological psychology they were able to find out what’s actually going on inside consumers’ heads and what the auto industry needs to do to unlock the true drivers to purchase.

Shekhar  Deshpande
Shekhar Deshpande, Head of Strategy, Global Accounts, Facebook
Lucy  Banister
Lucy Banister, Co-Founder, The Nursery

Participants: Facebook, The Nursery,


Case Study

A question of privilege: When older, white, middle-class researchers are just not the right people for the job

Many young people from ethnic minority backgrounds are seeing their future blighted by COVID-19. Disclosing their experiences to researchers who seem to have so many privileges can add to the sense of exclusion. Versiti reports on its work to train ethnic minority young people in qualitative research to understand ethnic inequalities in the impacts of COVID-19 and build capacity among ethnic minority young people. The project team and the client, Youth Futures Foundation, will discuss experiences, lessons and key insights.

Sope  Otulana
Sope Otulana, Head of Research, Youth Futures Foundation
Marie-Claude Gervais
Marie-Claude Gervais, Co-Founder and Research Director, Versiti
Cynthia Ko
Cynthia Ko
Amarah Khan
Amarah Khan, Pearson
Lucas Rehman
Lucas Rehman
Shae Eccleston
Shae Eccleston

Participants: Youth Futures Foundation, Versiti, Pearson,