Keynote speakers



Bruce Daisley

09:30 – 10:15 | Room 1 | Day 1

Bruce is VP, EMEA of Twitter, podcaster and author of The Joy of Work. He’ll help you to recharge the working culture and, in doing so, improve your own quality of life. A thrilling speaker on a critical topic.

Can we ever calm the chaos of the workplace so that it becomes an oasis of creativity and even joy? The business leader, author and podcaster kick-starts conference with his strategy for recharging the workplace culture and promoting a healthier, more productive and joyful approach to the ‘day job.’ 

Nicky Morgan, MP

09:30 – 10:15 | Room 1 | Day 2

In a world of political uncertainty and polarisation, how can any individual MP make sense of the public mood? Former education secretary, influential voice on the treasury select committee and Brexit mutineer on the challenges of understanding the nation at a turning point in its history.

We get Morgan's Commons-eye view on our national crisis – and explore how politicians can analyse the public mood from a cocktail of culture war, social media and manufactured outrage.

Rev. Richard Coles

16:40 – 17:30 | Room 1 | Day 1

“One man in his time plays many parts” – and none more so than Richard Coles. He’s been an 80s pop icon, broadcaster, quiz host, ‘Strictly’ contestant, social housing champion and, of course, Church of England priest. What can we learn from the way these experiences have fed into each other?

Meet the embodiment of successful career fusion. Brace yourselves as
the worlds of 80s pop, Saturday Live , Strictly, Masterchef and the Church collide.

Victoria Coren Mitchell

16:40 – 17:15 | Room 1 | Day 2

An interview with the columnist, host of Only Connect and two-time winner of the European Poker Tour on pin-sharp prose, the rise of the nerd and the emotional (and financial) joys of risk-taking.

You may know Victoria from her work on Only Connect, the BBC’s holy shrine to pattern recognition. But did you also know that she is also a highly feted, international poker champ? No stranger to the concept of risk – listen in as Victoria extols the virtues of playing the hand you’re given.

Helen Thomson

14:10 – 14:55 | Room 1 | Day 1

Author of ‘Unthinkable – An Extraordinary Journey Through the World’s Strangest Brains’.  

How do we take the cold facts of a disorder, augment it with a wider understanding of a person’s life, in a bid to better understand them – and ourselves? Helen Thomson is our cartographer of the mind as we embark on a fascinating journey to the heart of who we are, how we think and what we can be.

Andrew O'Hagan

14:10 – 14:55 | Room 1 | Day 2

Andrew O’Hagan is author of ‘The Secret Life – Three True Stories of the Digital Age’. The award-winning novelist and non-fiction writer was hand-picked by Julian Assange to ghost write his memoirs.

Learn what happened next – and how, in the world of social media and assumed identities we can ever get closer to the truth?


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