AM Wednesday 15 March

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SC Adapting to change in society and culture

BB Challenges for business and brand

TD Opportunities through technology and data

IB New strategies for the insight business


Welcome from Jane Frost CBE, CEO of the Market Research Society.


Keynote: Dan Snow

Dan Snow, historian, author and broadcaster, on storytelling, popular history, and learning from the past

Interviewer: Richard Young, journalist and editor

Networking break




Lessons for brands from Brexit

In a post-referendum world where things seem to be getting more, not less, uncertain, is to too early to draw conclusions about the impact of Brexit on brands and their customers? Three themed case-studies from the retail, financial and third sector reveal how organisations are looking to interpret the national mood and act upon the insight they have gained. A must attend session for any business or brand that wants to prepare for, and tackle, the consequences of Brexit Britain.

Chair: Alison Camps, deputy chairman, Quadrangle

Susan Pinkney, head of research, Charities Aid Foundation & Briony Gunstone, associate director, YouGov

Kate Fanning, Insight Manager, John Lewis and Alison Bainbridge, Founder, ABA Research

Laura Cullimore, Research Manager, Nationwide Building Society




Tackling the taboos: complexity, collaboration and consultation

Three stories illustrate projects that have tackled highly sensitive, complex subjects and the most ambitious of objectives in a bid to provide fuel for change. What lessons can business and brands learn from their creative approaches to both insight generation and positive action? Find out what it really means to make an impact, drive diverse stakeholder action and go beyond the remit of a more traditional research role.

Chair: Samantha Bond, research manager, SKIM

Rachel Rhodes, research and insight manager, Transport for London & Stephanie Gaydon, associate director, 2CV

William Harrison, senior research and intelligence officer, Brent Council & Neil Samson, director, Opinion Leader

Rosa Bransky, director, Flamingo Research & Chernor Bah, founder, Sierra Leone Adolescent Girls Network

Room 3



Redefining Quantitative and Qualitative Research: Perceptual Foundations

Quantitative research is grounded in recognised statistical theory that can be used to validate outputs. However, qualitative research does not enjoy similar well-defined and agreed conceptual and interpretative foundations. Can this deficit be addressed by focussing more on ‘how’ consumers think, rather than addressing the ‘why’ question? This session was sparked by a paper that originally appeared in the IJMR.

Chair: Bronwen Morgan, deputy editor, Impact and Research Live

Paper: Chris Barnham, founder,Chris Barnham Research and Strategy

Panel: Nick Gadbsy, founder, The Answer Kirsty Fuller, Co-founder and CEO Flamingo

Short break




Social media: now that’s what I call smart targeting

Social media is challenging Byron Sharp’s 7 Rules for Brand Growth. This session will challenge his arguments that personalisation or segmentation is just “esoteric quackery”, with robust evidence of how social media data is being leveraged for effective targeting strategies by global brands.

Chair: Fran Cassidy, founder, Cassidy Media Partnership

Celina Burnett, head of marketing analytics,
Jessica Salmon, head of research, O2 (Telefónica UK)
Simeon Duckworth, head of data and analytics strategic Development, GroupM
Alex Pettitt, live Periscope broadcaster, Alex.Live




Nudge or hint? Is behaviour change going far enough?

Is the behavioural approach to research and marketing making a big enough difference to the lives of citizens? How can we ensure that our ‘nudges’ are going far enough? Using three powerful and highly topical case studies as the springboard, we will explore the potential and limits of successful behaviour change.

Chair: Sinead Jefferies, director, Chime Insight and Engagement

Jemma Gilbert, head of prevention, Healthy London Partnership & Michaela Rhode, research lead, BritainThinks.

Ali Moore, communications and behaviour change manager, Resource London & Jon Cohen, partner, Kindling

Jo Parry, head of marketing, Department for Transport & Sidi Lemine, insight and research director, BAMM

Room 3



The Business of Happiness

We are seeing catastrophic levels of public disconnection from institutions, elites and big corporations. Business now needs to reframe the way it looks at itself in the mirror of culture and society. Join us in discussing what makes a ‘good’ business not just in terms of money, but in terms of its measurable contribution to the sum total of human happiness.

Chair: Richard Young, journalist and editor

Panel: Andy Dexter, founder, Culturise

Louise Beaumont, vice chair, Open Bank Working Group

Neeta Patel, CEO, The New Entrepreneurs Foundation

Jon Alexander, Co-Founder, New Citizenship Project

PM Wednesday

Networking lunch

13.25 - 14.05
Lunch Session

Transforming lives: research for meaningful change – Part 2

Three inspiring stories detail how creative research drives profound and positive progress


Abbey Teunis,
senior director, LRWTonic

Barbara Harvey, managing director, Accenture Research & Jonathan Shingleton, chairman EMEA, PSB Research

Ali Sanders, Head of Brand and Communications, National Citizen Service & Richard Gush, partner, OpenMind

Andrea Kinver, Senior Strategy & Insight Manager, Scottish Government & Shehnaz Hansraj, senior associate director, Kantar TNS


Keynote: Dr Hannah Fry

Dr Hannah Fry, academic, author and broadcaster on probability, stats and the mathematics of love

Short Break




Memories of the Future with Mark Earls

Why do creative and entrepreneurial people find it easier to seize on new opportunities, while the rest of us scratch our heads? They’ve already imagined them – and many other variations, too. We’ll hear from a technologist, a business leader, an anthropologist and a senior advertising innovator, with different ways of thinking about the future and showcase some of the tricks of the trade.

Chair: Mark Earls, herdmeister and author

Julie Doleman, SVP global consumer services, Experian

Chris Thorpe, former CTO, Moshi Monsters

Nicole Yershon, founder, Ogilvy Lab




Are we having fun yet? Games and gamification for insight

Gamification has moved into the mainstream as a tool that helps create insight, drive change and test innovation. In a highly interactive session, you’ll see three champions of gamification showcase work, test the boundaries and even challenge each other to the death. There will be a competition. There will be prizes. There will be fun.

Chair: Tim Phillips, journalist and editor

Betty Adamou, CEO, Founder and Chief ResearchGame™ Designer

Deb Sleep, owner, Engage Research

Alexander Wheatley, innovation researcher, Lightspeed & Patricia Dominguez, senior research analyst, SKIM

Room 3



Investigating ethics in market research

We take great pride in our ethical positioning, believing this provides protection from regulators and delivers real competitive advantage. However, evidence from New Zealand suggests that ethics are not as embedded into custom and practice as we might like to believe. Is our moral high ground truly defensible? This session was sparked by a paper that originally appeared in the IJMR.

Chair: Peter Mouncey, editor, IJMR

Paper: Dr Anca Yallop, lecturer, Auckland University of Technology

Panel: Jennie Beck, Chief Client Officer, Kantar Media
Dr Agnes Nairn, dean, Hult International Business School

Networking break


Keynote: Ed Balls

Ed Balls, chairman, Norwich City FC and former shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer on society, politics and ‘Strictly’

Interviewer: Deborah Mattinson, founding partner, BritainThinks and former research and strategy advisor to Labour


Closing remarks and awards shortlist

Jane Frost CBE , chief executive of MRS , rounds up two days of conference and reveals the contenders for the Impact 2017 awards.


Closing drinks

After two days of brain food, join us for a drink and a chance to unwind. Take stock and kick back in style.