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Jane Frost CBE, CEO of the Market Research Society

Stan Stathunathan, Conference Patron and EVP Consumer & Market Insights, Unilever

On Day 2 we have challenged the young researcher’s network, &More, to deliver their visions for the future in a fast-paced ‘pecha kucha’ style format. Stan was happy to accept the same challenge! Join an insight luminary as he kicks off Impact 2020 with his  vision for the future, in  just 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide.


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Headline speaker: To be announced


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The 7th Year Itch: How to separate foresights from fads

Lida looks to the future

To make good decisions for the future, we need to understand the hidden influencers, for whom the future has already happened. But marketing hype relies on buzzwords and hot trends, not careful calculation. It's time to deploy research disciplines to mitigate the risks associated with innovation. Lida Hujić from TFTK Insight Innovation Culture helps us look forward and be future-proof.

Delivered by:
Lida Hujic, TFTK Insight Innovation Culture

Applied Intelligence Zone

BE YOURSELF: The Secret To Standing Out From The Noise And Discovering Yourself

Delivered by: Jake Pryszlak, ResearchGeek




Main Stage

2020 customers

Tim Phillips presents our opening debate…

CMO? CDO? Perhaps even the CFO? Who owns the customer in the future? And what role does research - from passive data to behavioural economics - play in defining and delivering them? Our panel explores.

Delivered by:
Tim Phillips (chair)
Alex Owens, CMI Vice President, Global Head of People Data Centres & Consumer Data Governance, Unilever
Client CMO, TBA
Marie Oldham, Chief Strategy Officer, VCCP Media


Main Stage

Views from the top: research's next decade in people and projects

The client perspective

What are big challenges ahead for the research profession? How do we position our disciplines as must-haves in commerce and government? And how do we secure the next generation of research talent? Join insight leaders from Tesco and Pepsi - and offer your own challenges for their consideration.

Delivered by:
Naomi Kasolowsky, Group Insight Director, Tesco
Tim Warner, VP Insights & Analytics - Europe, Sub Saharan Africa & Global Digitization (ADA), PepsiCo


Main Stage

The slow journalism guide to dataviz

We all need Delayed Gratification

Every researcher wants their work to be considered, insightful and impactful. Those are also the watchwords of Delayed Gratification, the magazine of the 'slow journalism' movement. Rob Orchard explains how to take a longer view – and produce world-renown data visualisations that are redefining the genre.

Delivered by:
Rob Orchard, Owner, The Slow Journalism Company & Editor, Delayed Gratification
Christian Tate, Art Director, The Slow Journalism Company

Applied Intelligence Zone

Theme chair: Dr Rachel Lawes, Lawes Consulting

The State of Qual

AQR interviewed 29 senior client-side researchers about the state of qual, impactful methodologies and what the future of research looks like. So is everyone a quallie in the age of ubiquitous quant data? Is the focus group dead? And why does anyone commission qual post-2020? Join the debate...

Delivered by:
TBC (chair)
Oliver Sweet, Head of Ethnography, Ethnography Centre of Excellence, Ipsos MORI
Judy Taylor, ConsultJMT , Caroline Noon, Founder Vivid Research

Delivering precise analysis faster with code

If you've ever tortured multi-sheet Excel workbooks to death and still not got your answers, join us to hear how one MR agency upped its 'R' game to leave researchers and clients cruising through their analysis. This session might change your life.

Delivered by:
James Smythe, Managing Director, Culture of Insight

Alchemy! The modern transmutation of insight

If the future of research is blended methodologies to pursue insights uniquely tailored to client needs, MESH are blazing a trail. Learn how they built the Share of Mind metric for TSB from quant, qual, passive data and AI analytics.

Delivered by:
Fiona Blades, President and Chief Experience Officer, MESH Experience




Main Stage

Lunch Session - Wellbeing: protecting ourselves, guarding others

Impact editor Jane Bainbridge in the chair

It seems incredible that it's taken until the third decade of the 21st century to treat workplace wellbeing in a serious and structured way. Join Impact editor Jane Bainbridge and an expert panel to explore mental wellness in the research industry - and how MR can drive wider understanding of wellbeing in every sphere

Delivered by:
Jane Bainbridge, Head of Editorial, Impact Magazine and Research-Live (chair)
James Endersby, CEO Opinium, Dane Krambergar, Head of Workplace Wellbeing Services, Mind


Main Stage

Doubt My Data: The Game Of Dubious Insights

From the master of the MR workshop…

Our society’s future rests on our ability to sort the factual wheat from a fake-news chaff in an arms race of dodgy stats and populist spin. But are researchers immune to outlandish claims and off-beam data? Find out in Tom Ewing's Call My Bluff-style gameshow extravaganza.

Delivered by:
Tom Ewing, Wordbeast


Main Stage

2020 Society: inclusion, fragmentation, connection

Research looks inward to reach out

Diversity and inclusion have become major themes for corporates, government and society at large. But are we hearing the right mix of voices in research? What are the unconscious biases and methodological limitations that prevent us delivering a full picture for a future without exclusions based on gender, orientation, race or conformity to ‘the norm’. Ali Camps chairs our panel tasked with making a case for each of four categories – and discuss how MR should respond.

Delivered by:
Chair: Ali Camps, Deputy Chairman & Partner, Quadrangle
Panel: to be announced

Applied Intelligence Zone

Theme chair: Danny Russell, DRC

Bonfire of the Vanities: Time to Consign Behavioural Economics to the Flames?

Does BE tell us anything about making brands more attractive, resilient and sustainable over time? Or is it just a 'box of tricks' for short-term kicks? Join David and Chris to explore its limits in research.

Delivered by:
David Penn,  founder and MD, Conquest
Chris Radford, author of Attractive Thinking

A Window To Better ‘Facts’? The Importance Of The Johari Window In Making Effective B2B Decisions.

‘Internal’ facts can be dangerous and hamstring business growth and change. Why do business decision makers need to challenge their understanding of ‘truth’ and develop a method of best practice to obtain the best ‘facts’? It's time for MR to explore new techniques to build 'truth' and 'trust' for more compelling insights.

Delivered by:
Imogen Williams, Research Manager, B2B international




Main Stage

2020 Tech: solutions in search of problems?

Hype or hope for MR?

Market research if often at the forefront of new technology application. But it’s just as often buffeted by grand claims for AI, analytics and the Internet of Things. How should researchers refine their antennae when looking at cutting edge tools? And what tech does our panel think will be genuinely transformative in the near future?

Delivered by:
To be confirmed

Applied Intelligence Zone


How to attract and retain bright young talent

Delivered by: Jack Tadman, Research Manager, Opinium Research (chair)
Katherine Nicholls, Director of Research, Natives
Momo Monroe, Strategic Researcher, The Future Laboratory
James Crouch, Head of Omnibus & Partner, Opinium


Main Stage

Headline speaker: When will we get beyond bias?

Campaigner, author and feminist Caroline Criado-Perez helped get Jane Austen onto our tenner and Millicent Fawcett into Parliament square. Her award-winning book, Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men, tackles the sexism inherent in products, services and policy. Join us to hear how she researched the imbalance embedded in our culture – and how she's turning awakening into action to improve the future for all of us.


Main Stage

Networking drinks reception sponsored by Acumen