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Main Stage


Jane Frost CBE, CEO of MRS


Main Stage

Keynote debate: how does insight transmute economic uncertainty into readiness for the future?

Alchemy isn’t the only mystic art. To understand how the research industry can turn the uncertainties of 2023 into compelling propositions for insight well beyond it, we need to gaze into the crystal ball. What’s happening elsewhere? How might the broader economy affect us? And what can we read into the runes of business and consumer behaviour? Claer Barrett, Consumer Editor at the Financial Times, will be presenting her take on what economic forces are driving consumer behaviour and the social changes we’re see all around us - then joining some of the most senior figures in the research industry to discuss what that means for agencies and insight teams; how the FT's predictions for the UK and world economies might shape behaviour; and what we can all do to defend the industry against a backdrop of inflation, uncertainty and social change.

Claer Barrett

Claer Barrett, Consumer Editor, Financial Times

Richard Young (Chair)

Kelly Beaver
Kelly Beaver, Chief Executive, Ipsos UK
Tamara Rogers
Tamara Rogers, Chief Marketing Officer, Haleon
Paul Twite, Managing Director, EMEA, Toluna and Harris Interactive


Networking break

Stream 1

Stream 2


Stream 1

Stories with certainty

How can we position qualitative research as always essential, even when budgets are under strain?

Jion Rhea Fox and panel to explore the best defences against cheap or passive methodologies when you know qual will deliver sustainable success. Your takeaway? Bolder pitches for qual to budget-conscious clients.

See the article: Qual: are we risking turning gold into base metal?


Rhea Fox

Rhea Fox, Chief Digital Officer


Ed  Nash
Ed Nash, Qualitative Research Controller, Sky
Bridget Dalton, Director - Offer Development,
Chris Molloy, Co-Founder & Chief Client Officer, Brand Potential

Participants: Sky,, Brand Potential,


Stream 2

Turning resilience into creativity

How do we motivate teams to look beyond survival?

A long-standing talent shortage is coming face-to-face with teams demotivated by market (in)activity and pressures on workload, pay and wellness. Opinium’s James Endersby and panel will offer top tips on building stronger, better, faster teams.


James Endersby

James Endersby, Chief Executive Officer, Opinium

Inger Christensen, Founder and Partner, Daughters of Sailors and Chair, MRS Flex Forum
Patrick Collins, Consumer Insights Director, EMEA, Netflix
Ann Constantine, Former Head of Insight, Direct Line Group

Lizzy  Moroney
Lizzy Moroney, Head of Customer Strategy, Firefish

Participants: Opinium, Daughters of Sailors and Chair, MRS Flex Forum, Netflix, Direct Line Group, Firefish,


Comfort break


Stream 1

The vision thing

How can we maintain strategic research thinking in tactical times?

In tough times it can be tempting to hunker down and see what happens. Truth agency’s Mark Thorpe and his veteran panel have been there before – and know tactical thinking in the face of radical change is a recipe for failure. Their lessons will keep your insight projects strategic.

See the article: Turning tactical necessity into strategic direction: insight can lead the way


Mark Thorpe

Mark Thorpe, Board Director, Truth

Phyllis Macfarlane, Archive of Market and Social Research

Fiona  Lovatt
Fiona Lovatt, Human Insight Director, a leading drinks brand
Fenny Leautier, Head of Marketing Insights & Analytics Personal Health, Royal Philips
Claire Salkeld
Claire Salkeld, Partner, Hummingbird Insights

Participants: Truth, Archive of Market and Social Research, a leading drinks brand, Royal Philips, Hummingbird Insights,


Stream 2

Being indispensable to the top table

How can insight help leaders navigate turbulent waters?

It’s a tough time for top decision-makers. We stay relevant when we’re helping answer their most pressing problems. But as chair Viki Cooke, co-founder of Thinks Insight & Strategy, argues: it’s a two-way street. Her panel will explain how insight alchemists can keep them focused on what matters, too.

Read the article: The Alchemist at Court: staying at the heart of decision-making


Viki Cooke

Viki Cooke, Co-founder and Chair, Thinks Insight & Strategy


Fraser  Hardie
Fraser Hardie, Senior Advisor , Teneo
Catherine Hunt, Head of Analysis in Information Threats and Influence Directorate, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office
James Sallows, CBIA Head of Transformation & Capability, Haleon
Stuart  Bluck
Stuart Bluck, Head of Research & Insight, cinch

Participants: Thinks Insight & Strategy, Teneo, Commonwealth and Development Office, Haleon, cinch,


Networking lunch


Stream 2

Lunchtime workshop - ED&I: From problematic to progressive

Pressing problems demand practical solutions. That’s what the ED&I lunchtime workshop aims to deliver at MRS Insight Alchemy 2023. Click here to send us your input.

Change is coming. Equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) is a hot topic for many research teams (and their HR departments). But progress is not even. Our ED&I lunchtime workshop aims to tackle some personal and organisational challenges to more inclusive teams - and share practical tips for overcoming both day-to-day and structural bugbears. Click here to send us your input.


Shazia  Ali

Shazia Ali, Director/Founder, Mint Research

Tatenda Musesengwa, CORe
Danielle Todd, WIRe
Annabelle Philips, MRS Social Inclusion Group
Christine Hemphill, MRS Unlimited
Josephine Hansom, MRS Pride

Participants: Mint Research, CORe, WIRe, MRS Social Inclusion Group, MRS Unlimited, MRS Pride,


Stream 1

The Alchemist’s dilemma

How do we promote magic without undermining science?

Seduced by data analytics, do the users of insight really understand the alchemist’s art? Delphi Group chair Colin Strong has assembled a team to equip you with clear arguments for the value of our professional – and of blended methodologies for genuine insight.

See the article:The survey is dead. Long live the survey!


Colin Strong

Colin Strong, Head of Behavioural Science, Ipsos

Andrew Jerina, Head of Research, Flume

Paul Hudson
Paul Hudson, Founder and CEO, FlexMR
Rose Tomlins
Rose Tomlins, Brand Director
Zoe Ruffels, Global Head, VP Insights, Mars Pet Care

Participants: Ipsos, Flume, FlexMR, Mars Pet Care,


Stream 2

Conjuring clarity from fragmentation

Navigating an increasingly complex digital media landscape

The streaming wars, the rise and fall of social media empires, upheavals in digital ad platforms… whether you’re supporting creatives or targeting audiences, you can’t miss Sarah Robson’s debate on the ways insight can cut through the chatter and offer accountability on media spend.

Read the article:Turning fragmentation into clarity: Navigating an inreasingly complicated media world


Sarah Robson

Sarah Robson, Global Head of Ad Effectiveness, On Device

Neil Mortensen, Director of Audiences, ITV

Louise  Twycross-Lewis
Louise Twycross-Lewis, Head of Insight, PHD Media
Peter Wallace, General Manager EMEA, Gum Gum
Kate Rutter
Kate Rutter, Head of Commercial Insight, Global Media and Entertainment, Global Radio

Participants: On Device, ITV, PHD Media, Gum Gum, Global Radio,


Comfort break


Stream 1

Contextualising data

The Alchemist Adventurer: how do we cast off conformity to discover real, innovative value without losing rigour?

The Alchemist Adventurer. A ship anchored in a safe harbour cannot explore the oceans. Quadrangle’s Alison Camps and her panel will discuss how we need to cast off conformity and instead be wide open to new possibilities, meeting every situation with youthful enthusiasm, innovation, and taking creative risks to stay relevant whilst remembering that you can’t just ‘magic up’ insight.


Ali Camps

Ali Camps, Chairman, Quadrangle

Emily Driscoll, Head of Data, Intelligence and Planning, LADbible

Bea Jones
Bea Jones, Consumer Insight Manager, Deliveroo
Lindsay Forster, Chief Executive Officer, Shepper

Participants: Quadrangle, LADbible, Deliveroo, Shepper,


Stream 2

Keeping the sound on

How do we help those in power understand what they’re doing to those whose voices are unheard?

Austerity 2.0 will inflict real pain on sections of society – usually those whose voices are less-heard. ClearView’s Kenny Imafidon issues a provocation to keep the volume up – and joins chair Sabrina Trinquetel as her panel reveals the compelling cases you can use to ensure insight keeps decision-makers accountable.

See the article: Turning discomfort into change: a revolutionary role for the insight alchemist


Sabrina Trinquetel

Sabrina Trinquetel, UK Sales Director, Measure Protocol and co-chair, MRS Pride, Measure Protocol


Aadit Shah
Aadit Shah, Insight Manager, Sony Music UK
Kenny Imafidon, Co-founder and Managing Director, ClearView Research
Peter Totman, Director, Jigsaw Research
Rebecca  Cole
Rebecca Cole, Managing Director, chair of the MRS Representation in Research Group, Cobalt Sky

Participants: MRS Pride, Measure Protocol, Sony Music UK, ClearView Research, Jigsaw Research, Cobalt Sky,


Networking break


Main Stage

Turning the past into power

David Olusoga on facts, narratives and the magic of insight.

David’s outstanding breakthrough book Black and British redefined a national story and brought to life the diversity running through British history. His insights have turned data from the past into compelling narratives for our present. His work is a case study in using our skills in analysing information to shape the way we respond to the world today.  

David Olusoga, OBE

David Olusoga, OBE, British historian, writer, broadcaster, presenter and film-maker

In conversation with:
Sinead Jefferies, SVP Customer Transformation, Zappi and MRS Chair


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