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Jane Frost CBE, CEO of the Market Research Society


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Facing Change: Can we grasp the promise in the peril?

Paddy Loughman is a strategy director and sometime market researcher whose work with Extinction Rebellion has pushed him into the limelight as a committed climate activist. But his message is not one of doom or abandonment of modern civilisation. He’s kicking off Day Two of Impact 2020 with a message of hope and direction, explaining how business can step up to the climate emergency. Things will change, so we must too. If we do so now, embracing the science to transform our economy, we can all benefit, together.

Q&A hosted by:
Matt Arnold, SVP, Brand Development, Savanta



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The populism no one talks about: is identity politics eroding societal cohesion?

The future of society

Our future seems defined by tribalism, our politics by dog-whistle slogans. So what's driven the rise of the populists exploiting these splits? And how might our societies remain cohesive in a populist future defined by 'identity'? Jigsaw’s Peter Totman explores.

Delivered by:
Peter Totman, Head of Qualitative Research, Jigsaw Research

Applied Intelligence Zone

Risks of fake news and misinformation

What are effective ways to communicate and engage audiences around the risks of fake news and misinformation? Fake news is laughable to many of us. But for some communities it can be a matter of life and death. BBC Media Action in Myanmar researched the impact of digital misinformation to create new strategies for truth to cut through. The lessons are profound.


Delivered by:
Sally Gowland, Senior Project Manager, BBC Media Action




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Views from the top: the market in the 2020s

The client perspective

What are the key priorities for business in the decade ahead? What kind of insight will make a difference to their outlook – and refine their decision-making? What are the challenges where the solution looks like market insight? Join insights leaders from BT and Carlsberg to explore the market to come.

Delivered by:
Georgina White, Insight Director, BT
Nick Rich, Vice President, Insights & Analytics, Carlsberg Breweries A/S


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2020 Intelligence Capital™ – a blueprint for success

A unified theory of everything?

Every client is different, every project unique. But might we still find a universal catalyst for insight success, regardless of sector? How much good practice is transferable and how much peculiar to one project or circumstance? Find out when Savanta debuts its new research into the sector – and a jury of clients then speaks candidly about which success factors can be linked to form a shared narrative for the insight community… and which just can’t.

Opening with a short presentation from Oliver Worsfold, Associate Director and Julian Dailly, SVP, at Savanta: ‘What does Intelligence Capital mean for your business?’, followed by a client debate.

Delivered by:
Tim Phillips
Stuart McDonald, Director of Customer Insight & Marketing Effectiveness, Centrica
Rhea Fox, Head of Insight and Strategy, Aviva
Jake Steadman, VP Customer Insight, Deliveroo
Georgina White, Insight Director, BT
Nick Baker, UK CEO, Savanta

Applied Intelligence Zone

Theme chair: Caroline Florence, Insight Narrator Ltd

Reading between the lines

We worry a lot about great writing in the world of research. But perhaps we need to think harder about how they're read - and how people read. Drawing on behavioural economics and communications principles, Martin and Caroline will share insights into how people read - and what that means for our work.

Delivered by:
Martin Lee, Co-founder and strategist, Acacia Avenue
Caroline Hayter, Co-founder and strategist, Acacia Avenue

Dungeons, Dragons and How to Tell Impactful Stories

Netflix hit Stranger Things popularised Dungeons & Dragons for a new generation. But the skills of the Dungeon Master – building expansive narratives that actively adapt to events and decisions – also hold much relevance for MR teams who need to explain customers, markets and whole industries. Roll a d20 and join Chris for a journey into adventure.

Delivered by:
Chris Martin, Chief Marketing Officer, FlexMR


Main Stage

The future is a foreign country...

The CEO’s perspective: ‘all change!’

With a view honed by leadership of a global research firm working in every sphere of research, Ipsos/Mori CEO Ben Page is perfectly placed to explore some of the weird and wonderful consumer trends, research findings and political oddities that look set to frame our coming decade.




Main Stage

This is the future: the &More ideas dash

The research profession is home to some astonishing young talent. Our Day Two lunchtime session is a chance to showcase their enthusiasm and potential – and much more. Join &More for a rapid-fire set of presentations of the sharpest ideas for the future of research in the classic pecha kucha style.

Delivered by:
Jennifer Roberton, Managing Director, Respondi
Peter Sainthouse, Senior Research Executive, Ipsos MORI - 'What to do with all this data?'
Grace Jasper, Senior Insight Executive, the7stars - 'Inspiration from the past: looking back to look forward '
Nick Saxby, Senior Research Executive, Walnut Unlimited - 'Avoiding tokenism: neuroscience and the representation of minority groups in advertising'
Amisha Chauhan, Research Analyst, Discovery - 'Analysis Paralysis: TV in the Age of Fruit Salad''


Main Stage

Privacy and pervasiveness

How the IoT changes the game for data

The Internet of Things offers a wealth of new data about consumers individually and in aggregate. But how have consumer attitudes to sharing that data evolved. And how might we go about meeting ethical and policy guidelines on using that data appropriately in an age of ultra-connectedness? Our expert panel will reveal all.

Delivered by: Phil Sutcliffe, Founder, Triple I Research and Consulting (chair)
Melissa Bane, Managing Director, Europe, Grail Insights
Camilla Ravazzolo, Data & Privacy Counsel, MRS
Sophie Harding, Futures and Insights Director, Mindshare UK


Main Stage

2020 Eyeballs

How streaming is changing the world

Years of data analytics, consumer research and studio savvy should leave few surprises on how people watch video. But with a new battleground for the future of eyeballs - the Streaming Wars - there are fewer certainties than ever on where and why people lock their attention. We present two research projects that prove our profession has a key role to play in understanding the effects of disruption - one seeking comprehensive understanding of the changing video landscape and the relative roles of different forms of video; and the other looking at how one key player is using research to define a compelling proposition for consumers seeking clarity.

Discussion chaired by Richard Young

Delivered by:
James Bryson, Research Director, MTM London
Daniel Delieu, Head of Insight - Strategic Research, Sky

Applied Intelligence Zone

Theme chair: Jon Alexander, Co-Founder, The New Citizenship Project

The 'hot' topic brands can no longer afford to ignore

How does having a positive impact on the environment result in stronger business performance? And how can the insight industry fuel sustainable brand strategies? We've assembled a panel of woke brands to explore ways we can get under the skin of sustainability.

Delivered by:
Russ Wilson, Global Qual Team, Hall & Partners (chair)
Alessandra Prampolini, Business Engagement Coordinator at WWF International
Hannah Rhodes, MD & Founder of Hiver Beers
Jamie Crummie, Co-Founder of Too Good To Go

Data Integrator: Rebooting Neals Yard Remedies in an Ethical Age

For brands that prided themselves on ethical and environmental sensitivity, the emergence of wider ESG awareness is bittersweet. How to stay distinctive when everyone claims to be green? Hear how Firefish helped NYR understand the shifting market - and crafted new approaches to keep it greener than green.

Delivered by:
Dr Robert Cook, Board Director, Firefish Group
Louise Green, Head of Ethics and Sustainability, Neals Yard Remedies




Main Stage

What we know (and don't) about the future of Europe

Don’t mention the B-word…

So, we're finally out of the EU. Brexit got done. But wait: the UK's future as part of the continent of Europe is far from settled - and that's going to have profound implications for political and consumer research. Anand Menon, director of UK in a Changing Europe, has been a voice of dispassionate analysis and rational commentary throughout the Brexit process. Here’s here to explain what the UK faces in the next ten months – and the next ten years – as Europe itself evolves.

Delivered by:
Anand Menon (UK in a Changing Europe)

Applied Intelligence Zone


Correlation implies causality - getting onboard with the causal inference revolution

One huge challenge for research in 2020 is that decision makers have too much data - and think they can see patterns and value without getting bogged down with statisticians' scepticism. Learning about causal inference could be the antidote, putting researchers back at the spearhead of delivering insight from data.

Delivered by:
Ray Poynter (Potentiate)


Main Stage

Headline speaker: Bernardine Evaristo

Award-winning novelist, poet, essayist, dramatist, critic, professor of creative writing, chronicler of the culture and experience of the African diaspora – and the first black British woman to win the Booker Prize. A longstanding activist and advocate for the inclusion of artists and writers of colour – in 1982 she founded Britain's first black women's theatre company – Bernardine brings to Impact 2020 a depth of experience of story-telling and of helping communities find a voice that is not imposed, but developed from within. Join us to hear her incredible journey – and her secrets for revealing the fundamental truths we should all seek to explain.

Delivered by: Martin Lee, Co-founder and strategist, Acacia Avenue


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Closing drinks reception

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