Main Stage


Jane Frost CBE, Chief Executive Officer, MRS

Strategy & Analysis



The heat is on: How can the insight industry best respond to the climate emergency? 

What role should the insight industry play in creating a sustainable future? How can it bring the climate conversation to the heart of business strategy? Can we use our expertise in insight and human behaviour to drive and support changes in agencies, clients and in wider society? This is a debate for anyone who wants to be part of the solution.


Jem Fawcus

Jem Fawcus, founding member of the Insight Climate Collective, Founder and CEO, Firefish Group


Russ Wilson
Russ Wilson, Russ Wilson, Independent consultant, activist, and founding committee member of ICC
Fenny Léautier
Fenny Léautier, Head of Marketing Insights & Analytics, Personal Health, Philips
Jessica Long
Jessica Long, Head of Sustainability, UK - Ipsos Mori

Participants: Firefish Group, Philips, UK - Ipsos Mori,



The Happiness Revolution: We need to use our powers for good instead of evil

Climate change. Pandemics. Threats to democracy. It’s a mess; we need to make change now. We can make things better. The MR community has 75 years of experience in finding solutions for brands. We can use that to find solutions for society. Researchers, there’s a plan. It’s a Happiness Revolution.’ Join the movement and fight the good fight.

Rachel Lawes

Rachel Lawes, Principal, Lawes Consulting

Participants: Lawes Consulting,



Being the change: Using our craft to shape the new (and better) world

Last year changed everything. From daily routines to long-held identity constructs, by the end of 2020, the world was hardly recognisable.

As we move towards a more similar daily routine, what changes do we wish to keep in order to overcome systemic injustice?

Each of us, irrespective of our particular practice and specialism, is in a position to help shape the way in which new approaches and cultures are formed. Each of us can play our part in crafting from this moment of flux a world of true equality.

This session will be a platform for agency practitioners – including advertising data, qualitative and quantitative experts – to speak of how they are using their craft to build a better world.


Michael Brown

Michael Brown, Founding Chair, MRSpride


Amelia Brophy
Amelia Brophy, Head of Account Management UK, YouGov
Abel Flint
Abel Flint, Founder, Out in Research USA and Marketing Manager Suzy
Rob Scotland
Rob Scotland, Head of Strategy, McCann London
Danielle Todd
Danielle Todd, Insight Director, Relish

Participants: MRSpride, YouGov, Out in Research USA and Marketing Manager Suzy, McCann London, Relish,


The CMO Agenda

Iain Walters, Marketing @ Glue Home

The internet-enabled home is a reality – with many households buying into the remote, measurable and flexible control of appliances. Glue Home are behind a new Smart Lock that can remotely control access to your front door. What have been the challenges in understanding consumer demand, as well as consumer fears in this most fast-growing of markets? Listen in as Iain Walters, ex-P&G, Google, King and BT marketeer, shares his views on marketing trends – and what he really needs from the insight world.

Iain Walters

Iain Walters, CMO, Glue Home

Alison Camps
Alison Camps, Deputy Chairman, Quadrangle

Participants: Glue Home, Quadrangle,





Next-generation evidence: Lessons from the United States, Australia, and China

This international panel will provide in-depth insights around the strength, role, value and trust of market research today. What lessons can we learn from the way they manage the variety, velocity, veracity and volume of data? What is the changing role of intelligence for some of the world’s leading brands and how does trust in insight differ across the globe? Listen in as the world speaks.


Crispin Beale

Crispin Beale, Senior Strategic Advisor, mTab


Ed Clarke
Ed Clarke, Market Research Director, Corporate Insights, Microsoft - USA
Justine Clements
Justine Clements, Consumer Insights Manager, Samsung Electronics - Australia
Shirley Ng
Shirley Ng, Research Principal , GM International Research & Consumer Insights
Arturo Encinas
Arturo Encinas, Director China Market Research & Forecasting and International Research, General Motors

Participants: mTab, Microsoft - USA, Samsung Electronics - Australia , GM International Research & Consumer Insights, General Motors,



What kind of leaders does the future need now?

The Covid-19 crisis has been a testing time for leaders. With an evolving ‘new normal’ ahead of us, driven by new demands and values, the old leadership models are changing. What does modern leadership need to look like, during a crisis and beyond?
This panel examines where leadership is headed and the new models that are emerging, identifying the leadership qualities required to rebuild and thrive in this changed world.

Vanella Jackson

Vanella Jackson, CEO, Hall & Partners

Pinky Lilani CBE
Pinky Lilani CBE, Founder and Chairman, Women of The Future
Sairah Ashman
Sairah Ashman, Global CEO, Wolff Olins
Magnus Wood
Magnus Wood, Founder, The Kindness Consultancy

Participants: Hall & Partners, Women of The Future, Wolff Olins, The Kindness Consultancy,





The Working Class: We need to confront the UK’s biggest unconscious bias

Meet the UK’ largest diverse group, ’The Working Class’, an audience that is often demonised, stereotyped and ignored by the marketing, communications and research community. Based on primary research, we'll highlight why this is the case and showcases the positives of this audience that we are as marketers should not only acknowledge but also embrace in order to make better research, communications and country.

Steven Lacey

Steven Lacey, Managing Director, The Outsiders

Participants: The Outsiders,


Keynote interview

James Graham, OBE, Olivier Award-winning playwright and screenwriter

James is an Olivier Award-winning playwright and screenwriter of works including Brexit: the Uncivil War, Quiz, Ink, This House, The Vote and Labour of Love.

In conversation with Marc Brenner, former editor of Research magazine.


Marc Brenner, former editor of Research magazine

James Graham, OBE
James Graham, OBE, Olivier-Award winning playwright and screenwriter


Final Remarks



Skills & Practice


Case Study

Dear Diary: How Coronavirus diaries tapped into the emotional state of a nation

What has 2020 really been like to live through? In April, BritainThinks launched the Coronavirus Diaries, a unique study examining the national mood. The responses provide invaluable context for BritainThinks' work and for their clients’, including Nationwide, who will join them to discuss its impact on their strategy and broader impact of insight, in a time of change.

James Powell
James Powell, Head of Member Research, Nationwide
Dr Carol McNaughton Nicholls
Dr Carol McNaughton Nicholls, Associate Partner, BritainThinks

Participants: Nationwide, BritainThinks,



Fuelling innovation: How to deliver excellence to R&D teams

Research and development teams need to design superior products; they need to find their edge, win in their categories and innovate with impact in new ones. What’s the best way to fuel this process? Agencies, you’ll see what it takes to deliver great R&D research – learn the core techniques. Clients, you’ll learn how to guide agencies to deliver what you need.

Hannah Rogers

Hannah Rogers, Head of New Business and Client Lead, Blue Yonder

Participants: Blue Yonder,


Case Study

Deep water dive: building consumer-centricity to drive effective planning

How can the consumer be immersed in the innovation process from the very outset? In this study, we examine how a blend of techniques surfaced new insight for all departments across a brand, helping to strategically plan, deliver and communicate.

Dieter Deceuninck
Dieter Deceuninck, Global Director Strategy & Insights - Waters & Aquadrinks, Danone
Martin Oxley
Martin Oxley, Managing Director, BuzzBack Europe

Participants: Danone, BuzzBack Europe,



Drag queens, activists and sneaker-heads; How to use leading edge consumers to successfully navigate cultural change and future-proof your brand

With one foot in the future, leading-edge consumers are natural navigators of change, but it’s a niche area of research filled with mystique. I’m here to demystify the process. Providing practical tips on getting the most from working with leading-edge consumers and what you should expect as a tangible output.

Kelly McKnight

Kelly McKnight, Head of Culture + Trends and Illume Network founder, InSites Consulting

Participants: InSites Consulting,


Case Study

Reality Bites: Using augmented reality to power innovation during Covid-19

Concept and pack testing is an area that’s ripe for innovation - a need made even more pressing by Covid-19. Hear how Kadence International and Asahi UK piloted the use of augmented reality for this purpose, testing pack designs for Fuller’s London Pride, one of Asahi UK’s flagship brands. We'll share findings of this pilot, with a focus on the role AR could play in the testing process across the industry.

Rosa Halford
Rosa Halford, Global Insight Manager, Asahi
Rupert Sinclair
Rupert Sinclair, Insight Director, Kadence International

Participants: Asahi, Kadence International,


Skills Zone

Uncovering the unconscious: How to use digital ethnography in consumer story telling

We will examine best practice digital ethnography as a route into uncovering unconscious consumer behaviour.  Not to be confused with other online methodologies, digital ethnography enables an in the moment ability to deep delve into consumer’s lives.  With greater scope than traditional ethnography and the ability to be present without influencing consumer behaviour, digital ethnography offers an opportunity unlike other methodologies.   This session will cover what digital ethnography is, and importantly what it is not; when to use it; and how best to design your project to optimise engagement.

Sarah Jenkins

Sarah Jenkins, Director, Magenta

Participants: Magenta,


Case Study

Reversing the innovation odds: playing to strengths

Nielsen estimate that 80% of innovation fails within a year. It’s not hard to see that the innovation odds are stacked against us and why it can so often feel like an uphill battle to get new products to market. We will take you through the journey that J&J Self Care have been on, facing into the realities of failing innovation and how they have embraced a new approach that is about playing to everyone’s strengths.

Emel Turhan
Emel Turhan, Associate Director Consumer & Business Intelligence Self Care, J&J
Simon Garnett
Simon Garnett, Founder & Director, The Forge Insight

Participants: J&J, The Forge Insight,




Case Study

Putting purpose into action: Bringing to life Tommy Hilfiger’s commitment to inclusive fashion

There are an estimated 1 billion people in the world with some form of disability and, while clothing exists that meets their needs, it often puts function before fashion. Tommy Hilfiger wanted to change this with their adaptive collection. Hear how they partnered with Firefish to illuminate the opportunity, develop the revolutionary range & its communication, championing the project internally to take the brand on a new purpose-led journey.

Sarah Horton
Sarah Horton, Senior Director, Innovation and Integrated Marketing, Tommy Hilfiger
Beth Broughton
Beth Broughton, President, Firefish USA

Participants: Tommy Hilfiger, Firefish USA,


Case Study

Lessons from the pandemic front-line: patient experience during the COVID-19 pandemic

In 2020, it has been hard to find any aspect of life unaffected by coronavirus. But what does that mean for doing research with those personally affected? And what can they tell us about the NHS? Join this session to hear about our research with hospital inpatients during the pandemic.


Tamatha Webster
Tamatha Webster, Patient Surveys Manager, Care Quality Commission (CQC)
Dr Rachel Williams
Dr Rachel Williams, Research Director, Ipsos MORI

Participants: Care Quality Commission (CQC), Ipsos MORI,