Why come?

Join the sector at the first MRS Annual Conference since 2020. As a delegate at IA23 you will be part of an exclusive, in-person only event over a single day.

Don’t miss a session – delegate ticket includes access to IA23 On Demand post event...

Full access to the networking and exhibition hall...

Lunchtime sessions...

Dedicated networking areas to meet the speakers and connect with other delegates...

Networking drinks reception...

Post conference party – organised by The Research Club.

About the conference

Alchemy [ˈalkɪmi] noun, the transmutation of matter, in particular with attempts to convert base metals into gold, or find a universal elixir.

The conference will take place on 14 March at Hilton London Bankside
2-8 Great Suffolk Street, London, SE1 0UG.


We can’t promise gold. And we know that whatever its benefits, insight isn’t a universal elixir.

But through countless stories of excellence in research, we do know that the best research professionals turn base data into the golden nuggets of insight that can transform business, public institutions, and society.

At a time when all three are under stress – economic, emotional, and environmental – it is more important than ever to support decision-makers with insights that can uncover the best formulae to build better times.

That’s where Insight Alchemy 2023 comes in. The MRS annual conference on 14 March will be an alchemist’s workshop, full of debate and discussion on the best ways for the research sector – and individual insight professionals – to turn survival into growth.

This isn’t just about finding the best ways to help clients understand markets, or your board to hone decisions during harsh economic winter. At Insight Alchemy, senior professionals will be revealing the best ways of sustaining your own teams; of defending the disciplines of insight against budget pressures; and making sure that during the toughest times, our work continues to amplify every voice, not just those shouting loudest or echoing existing bias.

Insight Alchemy is your chance to engage, too. Our panel debate format will offer enhanced opportunities to inject questions and comment, ensuring that on each topic the industry comes together to help all of us answer the most pressing questions.

Visit the Insight Alchemy hub on Research-Live.com for regular updates, inspiring case studies drawn from our industry-wide call for contributions, new speakers and panellists added to the roster – and to feed in your own takes on how we drive forward as a profession.

Then join us on 14 March – and we promise actionable take-aways in every session, giving you ideas for what to do now, next and later… whether you’re agency, client-side or a user of insight.

Together we can turn the anxiety of an economic downturn into optimism for the power of insight.