Impact 2020


"Welcome to Impact 2020 -
the conference that helps set
the agenda for the research sector
in the new decade and beyond."


Click here to read CEO Jane Frost's call to arms for the research sector.

With a new decade arriving against a backdrop of global, regional and national uncertainty, the business of insight is facing the most radical set of challenges it has ever seen. Changing buying habits, a febrile economy, digital disruption and geopolitical realignments are having a major effect on how we seek to understand consumers and citizens, and how we organise and perform our valuable work. Impact 2020 will face these challenges head on, setting a new agenda for the research world to do more than just survive, but capitalize, and prove that in an era of uncertainty, evidence still matters.

As well as our stunning line up of key speakers here are some other highlights from the programme:


Views from the top (Day 1)

What are big challenges ahead for the research profession? How do we position our disciplines as must-haves in commerce and government? And how do we secure the next generation of research talent? Join insight leaders from Tesco and Barclays and offer your own challenges for their consideration.


Naomi Kasolowsky, Group Insight Director Tesco

Alex Alder, Customer Insight Director, Barclays UK

Views from the top (Day 2)

What are the key priorities for business in the decade ahead? What kind of insight will make a difference to their outlook – and refine their decision-making? What are the challenges where the solution looks like market insight? Join insights leaders from BT and Carlsberg to explore the market to come.

Nick Rich, Vice President, Insights & Analytics Carlsberg

Georgie White, Group Insight Director BT

The slow journalism guide to dataviz

Every researcher wants their work to be considered, insightful and impactful. Those are also the watchwords of Delayed Gratification, the magazine of the 'slow journalism' movement. Rob Orchard explains how to take a longer view – and produce world-renown data visualisations that are redefining the genre.

Check out some of their incredible infographics here:

What we know (and don't) about the future of Europe

Whatever happens at the end of January, the continent of Europe will still include the UK. Anand Menon, director of UK in a Changing Europe, has been a voice of dispassionate analysis and rational commentary throughout the Brexit process. Here's here to explain what the UK faces in the next ten months – and the next ten years – as Europe itself evolves.

This is the future: the &more ideas dash

The research profession is home to some astonishing young talent. Our Day Two lunchtime session is a chance to showcase their enthusiasm and potential – and much more. Join &More for a rapid-fire set of presentations of the sharpest ideas for the future of research in the classic pecha kucha style.