Impact 2021

There are significant rewards for those agile enough to change the way they communicate, understand and transact.It’s time for a new style of conference that helps you make that critical transition."


Impact 2021 will be a three-day, digital summit that provides you with more variety, more voices and more tactical advantage than ever. We’ll bring you the intelligence you’ll need to create momentum, generate rich future assets and dispel uncertainty.

As a delegate you can watch live, or catch up at the end of each day, and at the close of conference you can draw on the entire library of material generated over the week.

As MRS celebrates its 75th anniversary, there has never been a more critical time for clients and agencies across the world to share, question and understand. Be part of this essential international gathering.

Keynotes  - many more to follow! 

Camilla Pang

Author, on ‘Explaining Humans’

Camilla Pang, winner of the Royal Society science book prize 2020, was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at the age of eight. She describes her book as a ‘love letter to science’ that ‘provides insights into different ways of thinking and the challenges of being neurodiverse in a normal world’. What can we learn from Pang to ensure research is conducted inclusively, and also that it reflects the perspectives of all types of human behaviour, for the betterment of business and society? 

See the session: 'The Delphi interview'

Sir David Spiegelhalter

Statistician and author, on data

The creation and communication of statistical data has, through the Coronavirus crisis, been under great scrutiny. In an age where data is more than ever being twisted for political and commercial gain, what future is there for those who deal in the considered generation and dissemination of intelligence? Sir David discusses the fight against ‘fake’ and the mighty challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for those that deal in data.

See the keynote from David on Tuesday 16 March.

The CMO Agenda

Andréa Mallard

Chief Marketing Officer, Pinterest

Andréa Mallard, Chief Marketing Officer, Pinterest, on what it means to be a social brand in 2021.

See the session: The CMO Agenda

Iain Walters

CMO, Glue Home

Iain Walters, CMO, Glue Home, on the challenges of staying ahead of the technology curve in a fast-moving market.

See the session: The CMO Agenda


Ben Page

Chief Executive, Ipsos MORI

Ben Page on the dangers of being change-obsessed.

See the session:
 Stable genius: We need to stop talking about change

Kristin Hickey

Founder and CEO, Kubi Kalloo

Kristin Hickey on the dangers of jumping onto political bandwagons.

See the session:
#doesmytitlematter? We need to talk about brands getting political

Debates include



The Long and short of it: From in-the-moment insight to long-term strategy

Never has it been so important for organisations to have access to timely, reliable insight about their customers and consumers in general. However, there is a fine balance to be struck between gathering in-the-moment data to stay close to customers now, and understanding longer-term trends to build resilience for the future.

See the session: The Impact magazine debate



Refocusing on humans: Building and rebuilding brand trust in a pandemic

In a world upturned by coronavirus and widespread uncertainty, the public seek guidance from authorities: governments, health services… but also brands. As we emerge from the pandemic, how can we place humans at the centre of brand strategy?

See the session: Refocusing on humans